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English blog · 2024/05/11
I am going to write about why I decided to undergo medical treatment for breast cancer, in relation to Young Living's essential oil 'Acceptance' and 'Metamorphic Technique'.
English blog · 2024/02/13
I attended this year's first Members' online event yesterday, which was very fruitful and memorable. Having recently been at a crucial turning point in my life, I proposed an agenda on illness. I am going to share with you some thoughts on how we think about illness at Metamorphic Technique.
English blog · 2023/10/05
I am currently working for a company as a temporary employee. I have always thought that if I wanted a more stable life, I should look for a permanent job. On the other hand, I feel I should never abandon what I have been doing in search for natural therapies. At first I started to learn these therapies just because I liked getting massages, but now I have a much bigger vision. In order to realize this vision, I recently applied to a crowdfunding that supports people to launch a new business...
English blog · 2023/09/23
I experienced bodyboarding last weekend and started this week with terrible muscle pain. My shoulders, arms, and chest were sore and achy due to my effort to put my upper body upright to get on the board. But as the pain eases little by little, I have noticed my posture is getting better. I have also realized how I should live my life, and what I would like to express by doing my work. Among the muscles that were sore this time, it was the pectoralis major clavicular, which is used to expand...
English blog · 2020/08/31
I would like to find a quiet cozy place to practice reflexology and other therapies, but it is not easy for some reasons. So I hope to get connected to someone who supports my will to make my dream come true.
English blog · 2020/06/10
I would like to practise as an Aura-Soma practitioner and a therapist. I am waiting for someone who are happy to collaborate with me by providing a workspace for me.
English blog · 2020/06/06
A suggestion for you to have a personal therapist at home.