Stand tall and move forward

I experienced bodyboarding last weekend and started this week with terrible muscle pain.


My shoulders, arms, and chest were sore and achy due to my effort to put my upper body upright to get on the board.


But as the pain eases little by little, I have noticed my posture is getting better.  I have also realized how I should live my life, and what I would like to express by doing my work. 


Among the muscles that were sore this time, it was the pectoralis major clavicular, which is used to expand the chest, representing the stomach meridian.


The stomach meridian is related to emotions; if the heart is open and the mind is open, the chest will naturally open; otherwise, the chest will hunch over.


It is also related to grounding and centering to stand up straight, as it is the "earth" element of the five elements.


"Being straight" was also a key word in bodyboarding this time.


If you do not keep your body straight and balanced, the board will tilt and you will not be able to move forward.


While I was working this week, the thought came to me that life is like bodyboarding, and that I am not centered.


If a board represented the body, and a rider represented the heart or the head, then it would be only my head that is on the board, or if a board represented the self, then it may be someone else on my board.


In other words, even if you think you are moving forward, your heart may be somewhere else, or even if you think your body is moving forward, it may be someone else who is moving your body.


To be more specific, I have realized that I am working hard at my company only because my head wants to please the people around me, and in fact my heart does not want to do so.


I am always aware of this fact in various situations, but when I compare bodyboarding to life, I have intuitively realized that it would not be able to move forward if I keep doing this way.


I have once heard in an Aura-Soma® lecture that even though people think they are living their own life, until they are awakened, they are often living in a place that is not of their own volition.


This is unavoidable because our lives are formed over a long period of time in the family we are born into and the environment in which we are raised, and until now such a way of life may have been taken for granted.


Women are especially susceptible to the environment, and tend to live their lives the way the environment wants them to.


This may also have something to do with the lack of clear boundaries between themselves and others.


To live to the full in today's diverse society, I think having therapy would help people who want to change such a constrained way of life.


And from my bodyboarding experience that helped me to improve my posture and awareness, I think it is especially important to use and move the body.


Then there are two modalities that I would like to introduce here.


First, in addition to all kinds of sports, for those who want to clarify the direction and purpose of their life, I would recommend Brain Gym®.


In Brain Gym®, there are two parts: the goal-setting, for which you use the mind and heart, and the exercise, for which you use the body.


By combining the two, you will be able to clarify where you want to go and what you want to use your body for.


The other is Metamorphic Technique® for those who want to be passive first without using the mind and moving the body, for those who want to change something but do not know how or what they want to change, or for those who want to go with the flow in search of the best way you never know.


Metamorphic Technique® does not give you as clear sense of purpose as Brain Gym®, but by having only the reflex points of the spine stimulated, you may find yourself becoming more aware of your spine.


Then you may feel more positive and have a better sense of the direction you want to go.


While I intensively received Metamorphic Technique sessions, a practitioner once said to me, "You have passion, but you don't have a clear direction, do you? 


As she said, I felt like I was going around the same loop over and over again at that time.


In the "Integrated Movement" related to the 12 meridians of Brain Gym®, which I introduced in my blog the other day, there is an exercise related to "choice-making".


In order to make a decision, it is important to first make the body fit, isn't it?


I would like to share with you the importance of moving your body and being aware of your body.

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