Balancing Metal element to go with the flow proactively @Tokyo

This is a Cosmic Sole Tokyo's original session featuring Lung meridian and Large intestine meridian of "Metal" element o in the theory of Five elements.


The "metal" symbolizes hard metals and minerals formed in the earth. It metaphorically means metalic armor or swords used to protect oneself, as well as vitamins and minerals that build a strong body.


Furthermore, from an image of forming, it refers to something solid that becomes the foundation for life, such as a strong body or money to live in the material world.


In the body, minerals are used to facilitate the flow of Qi and liquid. The flow in the body is also related to breathing and excretion.


Breathing symbolizes the following:


1) The energy exchange between the internal and the external environment symbolizes the relationship with the others. Ideally, we should get empowered by breathing deeply in the company of the others, but it would not be able to take a deep breath if we are under a lot of stress, that is, when we don't feel safe, we stop breathing. 


2) Breathing is a source of vitality and strength. Deap breathing will enhance a strong voice, a clear thinking, and a powerful self-expression. Communication is also facilitated.


3) When we breathe powerfully, our chi (Qi) circulates, and all the flows (meaning both the physical metabolism and the flow of life) are activated. Unnecessary things are let go.


Metaphorically, it has to do with maintaining a strong physical body and a strong self (saying Yes to oneself and No to others), respecting and valuing one's own worth, creating boundaries between oneself and others, and being both flexible and strong enough to cooperate with others and surrender to the unknown.


When Lung and Large Intestine meridians are out of balance, not only is energy depleted, but all the flow, including emotion, become stagnant. In view of emotion, it is related to "sadness," so it is advisable to rebalance the Metal element when you are going through some grief.


Lung meridian runs from the shoulders to the hands, while Large intestine meridian runs from the hands via the shoulders and the neck to the mouth and the nose. In addition to respiratory and defecation disorders, these meridians would also be related to skin symptoms, as the skin also breathes and excretes. Balancing Large intestine meridian which has a connection with the thigh muscles would be important for a strong gait.


This session will aim to dynamically balance Lung and Large intestine meridians with an unique combination of various therapeutic modalities.


It begins with the breathing work inspired by yogic technique. You would experience a deeply peaceful and tranquil time with a pre-selected pomander and quintessence under the goal being preset beforehand.


Next, a facial treatment will follow with the lymphatic drainage around the nose. Then the sense of smell, being directly connected to instinct, will be focused by the cranial work in order to have you sense clearly what is necessary and unnecessary, and where you want to go now.


Then, the area around the mouth, which is a colon reflex zone, will be stimulated. As the gut is called the second brain, the large intestine and the brain are closely related - it seems that 70% of the neurotransmitters in the brain are also present in the gut.

The endocrine system, which is often affected by strong emotions, will be balanced through the stimulation of the colon reflex zone. 


Finally, the feet are treated so that it supports you to be ready to take action using the strong body.

This session is recommended during a phase of the Metal element, which is autumn.


It is also recommended for those who have the following issues.


(Physical condition)

  • Disorders in the respiratory organs, the skin, the jaw, or hormonal balance
  • Tendency to hold breath under a lot of stress
  • Tendency to get easily tired
  • Tendency to get unwell in the autumn
  • Tendency to have difficulty getting in shape in the morning (The "Metal" element is related to the period between 3:00 and 7:00 a.m.)

(Emotional condition)

  • Having deep grief or being unable to cry under sadness
  • Having feelings of regret, guilt, or resignation
  • Tendency to easily succumb to the authority of others.


  • Tendency to have difficulty in self-expression
  • Tendency to have difficulty in time-management and self-discipline
  • Desire to let go of rigid thinking and become more flexible
  • Tendency to be affected by others too much and find it difficult to follow one's own will
  • Tendency to have difficulty in letting go of anything unhealthy such as relationships
  • Desire to increase an income that is commensurate with one's own value

<How the session proceeds>


Following A to G stands for the name of therapies or modalities refered to or adopted to this session. 



 A: LaStone facial/Balancing the Waterfall

 B: Aura-Soma®/Craniosacral therapy

 C: Brain Gym®/Yoga

 D: Reflexology/Facial Reflexology and Colon link by Lone Sorensen

 E: Manual Lymphatic Drainage

 F: Touch for Health


 G: Kinesiology/Applied physiology (AP)/Human Blueprint


1. Counseling to decide your goal of your session in light of the Metal element. 


  • Select one affirmation in relation to the Metal element.
  • Select Aura-soma® pomander and quintessence to be used for working on the sense of smell.
  • Exercises from Brain Gym® and Yoga (C).

2. Cleanse the foot.


3.  Affirmation on the Metal element and the breathing work

  • Visualization of the pre-selected affirmation
  • Yogic breathing work with the specific points of Lung / Large intestine meridians in relation to Human Blueprint touched (C, G)

4. Touch on the cranium and the points for the sense of smell (B)


5. Treatment on the neck and collarbone

  • Touch the points for the accessory nerve for the neck (B). 
  • Lymphatic drainage around the neck (E)

6. Treatment on the nose

  • Lymphatic drainage around the nose (E)
  • Touch the specific points around the nose and for stabilizing the physical strucure with the stones (A, G).

7. Treatment on the Colon reflex zone【D】

  • Stimulate the colon reflex zone on the face (D).
  • Touch the points for the Metal element after the plexus balancing (D).

8. Foot treatment

  • Stimulate the nerve-lymphatic points on the sides of the thigh (F).
  • Touch the spefic points for stabilizing the light body (G).
  • Put stones between the toes after stimulating the reflex zones for the nose (A, D).
  • Stimulate the reflex zones for the lung and the colon (D).
  • Touch the points for the Metal element after doing the plexus balancing (D).

9. Play tuning forks for the Metal element (G). 


10. Integrated movements in relation to the pre-selected affirmation (C)


11. You can taste a tablet of Biochemic tissue salt by AllisOne upon request.