Reflexology, Craniosacral therapy,  Animal Reiki, Stone therapy, Metamorphic Technique®, Brain Gym® @Tokyo

Hitomi, a body-mind-soul therapist


  • Metamorphic Technique® Practitioner, a Member of The Metamorphic Association
  • Maternity Reflexologist, qualified by 'The Susanne Enzer Maternity Reflexology Consortium'
  • Brain Gym® Instructor / Consultant, qualified by Brain Gym® Australia
  • Animal Reiki Level 3, Jikiden Reiki course completed

I first encountered alternative therapy in 2011 when I went to England to study Facial Reflexology created by Lone Sorensen. There I met a reflexologist, Angela Sellens Drake, and then started to travel to England repeatedly to have private intensive tuition from her in Norwich. I was impressed with Angela's style of light touch reflexology inspired by the idea of Chris Stormer's 'Language of the Feet'. 


Learning light touch reflexology from Angela made me interested in Maternity reflexology where light touch technique was absolutely required. I attended Suzanne Enzer's Part 1 course for qualified reflexologists in 2013 and then her successor, Jenni Tribe's Part 2 course in 2015.


Having found myself unbalanced both physically and emotionally after losing my grandmother, I started to explore new modalities besides reflexology/massage and learn kinesiology from 2015.


I found that it was not enough just to passively receive relaxing session in order to recover form such state and take a step forward into a new life. The necessary thing was to get over the old pattern we had had from the very beginning of our life. When I was learning about primitive reflexes, I was very surprised to know that it could date back to the time when we were fetus in the uterus, unconsciously acquiring our own patterns with regards to how to perceive, move our body, and behave, which would then be applied to every moment in our lifetime. When we are stressed or faced with unexpected events, unintegrated primitive reflexes tend to be reactivated, and then we often feel lost, finding difficult to get out of the pattern and explore a new life.


Since then my passion of offering sessions comes from the purpose of empowering women, freeing them from their survival patterns. I did three important courses.  


Firstly I became qualified as a Brain Gym® in Melbourne, Australia, in 2017. Brain Gym® is a modality by which people can optimize their ability with a combination of goal setting and doing symple physical activities to reactivate their nerve systems.


Secondly, I learnt Aura-Soma Cranio Sacral touch from Maria Darbellay in Italy in 2017. Craniosacral therapy has a good effect on relaxing the brain, the nerves, the spine, and the sacrum and freeing people from their survival patterns and traumatic memories including birth trauma.  


Thirdly, I became qualified as a Metamorphic Technique® practitioner in England in 2018. Metamorphic Technique® is a modality to exclusively work on the spinal reflexes where prenatal patterns are believed to be embedded.


Finally I completed my journey of learning by reattending Jenni Tribe's course in Belfast in 2018 to be qualified as a maternity reflexologist.


I started my practice in 2021 and am still attending online meetings held all over the world.