Reiki @ Tokyo

<Brief history of Reiki>

Reiki was initiated by Mr. Mikao Usui after he was awakened in Krama, Kyoto, Japan in 1922. He saved life of many people just by putting his hands on their bodies, and Reiki was regarded as alternative medicine in Japan before the end of the World War II. He instructed some people, one of whom was Mr. Hayashi who then tanght it to Ms. Takata, a Japanese American born in Hawaii. Ms. Takata, being suffered from an incurable disease, came to Japan to have a surgery, but decided not to do it at the last minute. She instead received Reiki treatment from Mr. Hayashi and was fully cured in 8 months. She finally came back to Hawaii and opened a Reiki clinic from where Reiki healing was spread all over the Western countries.


<Reiki and myself>

Reiki healing was brought back to Japan in the late 1980's, but has not been as popular as in the Western countries. I was surprised to see how much popular it was among the natural therapists when I went to learn some healing modalities in Europe and Australia. I was half in doubt at first, so decided to learn Animal Reiki to see if my dog liked Reiki and soon enough I became convinced of its effect. I also learnt 'Jikiden Reiki' from a Japanese descendant whose mother directly leant Reiki from Mr. Hayashi. The way as I am as a therapist has been greatly changed since I started practicing Reiki, knowing that healing occurs not by the practice of any modality itself, but by the natural healing power inherently possessed by any creature. 

Recommended for those


・who would like to activate your natural healing power no matter what health conditions


・who are in transition in your life


・who are interested in meditation

How the session proceeds

1) You can tell your physical/mental/emotional conditions or set a certain goal before the session starts, but this is at your disposal.

2) Just relax yourself on the bed with the Reiki energy flowing to places where hands are placed, and with the music specially composed for Reiki. 

3) Finish the session by ringing selected sound tools. 

Special Notes

  • Reiki session is not for diagnosis or treatment purposes. Please agree that you book the session with your own responsibility.
  • There is a possibility that you may experience healing reaction after receiving Reiki. You may even feel the condition becomes worse for the period from a few days to a few weeks especially when you have suppressed your emotion or any bad condition. This is a process of healing and should not be worried about. It is important to discharge the unnecessary by drinking enough water and take a good rest. Examples of healing reaction are as follows:

    • changes in excretion
    • changes in appetite
    • changes in skin condition
    • cold-like symptoms
    • changes in mental / emotional condition
    • tiredness
    • more intense pain