Animal Reiki @ Tokyo

Recommended for those


・who are in transition in your life


・who have a pet with physical disorders or pain


・who have a pet with irrational behavior issues


・who want to make a deep connection /oneness with your pet


・who are interested in meditation

Pets are so sensitive that their condition often depends on those of the owners'.


When an physical/behavior issue occurs, it may be originated from something you may not think of, such as your own stress. 


As animals instinctively understand the benefit of Reiki, they easily accept it if we respect an appropriate distance which they need.


They know when, where, and how much they need Reiki. When they don't need Reiki, or when the quality of Reiki is not good, they simply go. But they also come and stay with us when we ourselves need Reiki.


It would be a beautiful moment when you feel a deep heartful connection with your pets through Reiki.

Then you will appreciate your pets more and more and feel oneness with them. 

Animal Reiki online session with tuning forks

  • Join from anywhere in the world. Sessions will be held on weekends Japan time.
  • Payment accepted via Paypal prior to the session date.
  • Online session using Zoom.
  • Join with your pet. You can let your pet go around in the room.

  • Join with your partner or family. You can remotely invite them who live far from you. 

How the online session proceeds

1) Tell me the theme of your session beforehand. It is possible to send Reiki energy to a specific body part on your pet, or to yourself, or any specific issue.


2) Therapist starts sending Reiki, sitting on the floor. 


3) You can enjoy receiving Reiki in whatever you like. Let your pets go freely so that they can receive Reiki as much as they want.


4) Keep sending Reiki in meditation for 15 minutes.


5) At the end of the session, therapist uses the tuning forks to balance the energy and close the session. 

Animal Reiki Home Visit (45-60 minutes, 12,000 yen) in central Tokyo only

This is a session for a female owner who has attended our online session or has come for the in-person Reiki session previously.

How the session proceeds

1) Therapist visits your place and does an Animal Reiki session.

2) Therapist either sits on the floor or on the chair. You can either lie or sit as you like. 

3) Especially for the first session, there may be a possibility when your pets do not accept Reiki directly on their body. In that case, the therapist will send energy distantly or ask you to receive Reiki instead. In either case, pets would enjoy Reiki session at their own pace and from their comfort zone. 

4) Sometimes, pets may show that they don't need Reiki anymore before session time ends. In this case, you can decide to receive Reiki for yourself for the remaining time. You may also choose to receive a part of Metamorphic Technique® session instead of Reiki if you like. 


5) At the end of session, the therapist uses the tuning forks to balance the energy and close the session. 

Special Notes

  • Animal Reiki session is not for diagnosis or treatment purposes. Please agree that you book the session with your own responsibility.
  • There is a possibility that pets may experience healing reaction such as incessant grooming, scratching the body, or twitching, although it will not usually stay long. 

  • Please have plenty of drinking water for yourself and your pet at hand. 
  • Cancellation or rescheduling should be informed 24 hours before the booking time. In case of cancellation on the day of the session, cancellation fee of 2,000 yen will be charged. 
  • In case your pet cannot accept Reiki session for any reason once the session starts, no refund will be made. Instead, you can decide to receive Reiki or Metamorphic Technique® session for yourself.