Metamorphic Technique® @Tokyo

Recommended for those who are in a transition, releasing of old habits or past hurts, and pregnant mothers or mothers with baby 

Gaston Saint-Pierre founded the Metamorphic Technique® in the late 1970's in the question of transformation


All of nature transforms natually and without effort. 


Think of butterflies and acorns.


 A butterfly is a symble of transformation, which is metamorphosed from a caterpillar.


A caterpillar breaks down inside a pula, and then a butterfly gets out of it and flies when time comes. 



An acorn also breaks down in the earth, and transforms into an oak tree. 


 We are a part of nature so we have this potential as well, but we often get in the way of our own transformation. 


In Metamorphic Technique®we believe that our prenatal pattern, established during the nine month gestation period, is embedded within us, which would become the basis of our characteristics or patterns we hold in our life. 


This pattern tends to be apparent when we find ourselves trapped in, having some difficulties in life or struggle to make a new step forward.


In the session of Metamorphic Technique®, the practitioner lightly touchs specific areas of the feet, hands, and head with an aim of providing enough space so that the recipients can be guided by their innate power and intelligence.  


Neither specific symptoms nor problems addressed.

The session is free from direction towards a particular outcome. 


All you will do is to receive 60-minute session, lying on a bed.


Special Notes

*Please be informed that we make NO CLAIMS for the Technique, although it is a fact that many people who have sessions have reported an array of different benefits, such as having more energy and confidence, or growing sense of purpose and inner strength. 


*In some cases people report changes that are immediately noticeable, while in others they are more subtle. In my own opinion, even if you find no changes soon after a session, you may find some correlation in retrospect. 


 * Especially for pregnant mothers, there is no contraindication of the Technique, but please kindly agree that you book the session with your own responsibility

Metamorphic Technique® :