Figure 8 is a symbol of infinity, expansion, and circulation
Figure 8 is a symbol of infinity, expansion, and circulation

Cosmic Sole Tokyo, a destination for retreat in the citycenter of Tokyo for Transformation & Empowerment

The concept of Cosmic Sole Tokyo was born when I saw a family of orca in Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan. 


Orcas living in a unit of maternal family were swimming powerfully and elegantly in the ocean filled with natural energies.


We, as a part of nature, have innate wisdom in order to attract anything we want if the purpose aligns with the Universe. 


Cosmic Sole Tokyo provides you with support to balance physical, mental, and emotional bodies in order for you to connect with your wisdom and go with the flow just like orcas do in the ocean. 

Cosmic Sole Tokyo


Cosmic: Planets such as the moon, the sun, and a plenty of stars are sending unique energies to the Earth and if we properly receive and align with them, our energy flow is activated and our health and the quality of our life would be enhanced. For this purpose, balancing the body-mind to make ourselves receptive is really essential. 


Sole: Sole is homonymic to Soul. By working on the foot, I believe it would activate the soul purpose, enabling action towards it. 


Tokyo: My salon is located in Tokyo.

Orca and Rose


Black and white of orca's body represents Yin and Yang. Everything consists of yin and yang and so it is important to balance yin and yang, our feminine and masculine sides, in ourselves. 


Rose represents natural beauty and dignity, and I believe that when we are connected with our own wisdom, it would enable us to attract abundance in our life. 

My therapy includes the following concepts:


1.Mindfulness to sense and accept everything as it is


When we accept things as they are including whatever seems negative, it would create strength and real power in ourselves, bringing about synchronicity to make our life go with the flow.


2. Sole to Soul


Taking care of your foot leads to taking care of your soul. There are reflex zones of the physical body on the foot, but actually the foot tells more about yourself. Having a reflexology session balances your body-mind and may change your life. 


3.Transformation happens everywhere in nature


Nothing remains the same in nature and every living nature has a possibility of transforming itself as a natural flow of life. This idea comes from Metamorphic Technique® and any session is offered from this aspect at Cosmic Sole Tokyo.


4.In order to make it happen 


Many of us have a certain mindset inherited from family and ancestry, or social background in the subconsciousness which often limits an infinity of our possibilities. A session of Brain Gym® would optimize your performance, bringing more joy and success in your life.

My mission is to assist people

to see their vision to go and listen to their inner voice as to what they really wish in their life

to finally find their true direction and move forward.

My breakthrough suddenly came when I decided to give a new challenge to myself and travel around the world to learn complementary therapy where I met wonderful practitioners to give me a hand to heal myself. Please see details in 'My profile' page. What I finally found was that I needed to transform myself, releasing an attachment to a strong pattern that was originally inherited from parents or ancestors and deeply rooted in myself. The power of the unconscious was so strong that it made my life very complicated and spiraling without a way out. 


My policy as a practitioner is to become a catalyst to you, a client, since I believe that each of you has a potential and an indwelling strong power to change the pattern and transform yourself to move towards a direction which you truly wish to go. Even if you do not have a specific issue to work on, I believe that having a relaxing time to pamper yourself, to focus on your intention, or to enjoy feeling your awareness expanding may make a difference in your life. 


The important thing is not to unravel what the pattern is, but to have you find that you already have enough resources within to make your life joyful and abundant. 


I also offer a session to expectant and new mothers, wishing that newborn babies live a fruitful life, being free from their unwanted pattern as much as possible. 


Please do enjoy your session in a cozy atmosphere with Japanese warm welcome. I like travelling and sharing my worldwide experiences with you and look forward to hearing your story in Tokyo!