Five elements facial treatment @Tokyo

(Based on Cosmofacial treatment by Lone Sorensen)

Five elements facial treatment has been created by Cosmic Sole Tokyo, based on Cosmofacial treatment by a Danish reflexologist, Lone Sorensen. Its purpose is to work on both beauty and wellness by balancing all five elements. 


'Cosmo' means 'harmonized universe' in Latin. The Universe is regarded as macrocosmo, whereas the human as microcosmo consiting of all components of the Universe.


Cosmofacial treatment is a therapy to balance the microcosmo by working on the specific points on the face. 


According to the theory of the five elements, the nature consists of five elements of 'woord, fire, earth, metal, and water' with each element composed by Yin and Yang.


Meridians corresponding each element exist on the human body and we live by balancing Yin and Yang.


Five kinds of emotions, anger, joy, compassion, sadnes, and fear is related to each corresponding element. It is said that when we are faced with strong emotion, the balance of five elements within us tends to be unbalanced. 


The purpose of Cosmofacial treatment is to balance the five elements within us and activate the energy flow by stimulating the reflex zones and points on the face. 


The treatment also enhances the beauty with the use of organic beauty products and the liftup technique.

<Cosmofacial and five elements>


Cosmofacial treatment is made up of the five stages, representing five elements 'Wood, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water', and proceeds in the following sequence. 


Fire stage: Stimulating neuro-vascular points. < Fire relates to the heart, the brain, and the blood vessel and represents joy>


Earth stage: Stimulating the reflex zones using face cream with clay mixed. Deep cleansing with clay. 


Metal stage: Stimulating the reflex zones using face cream with salt mixed. Enriching the skins. <Metal means mineral or nutrient> 


Water stage: Moisturizing the face using a steamed towel. In the meantime, performing hand treatment. 


Wood stage: Stimulating the facial muscles using rose oil and stones, followed by stimulation of neuro-vascular points with a wooden stick and of meridians with a brush. <Wood relates to the muscles> 

It is also recommended for those who have the following issues. 

  • who are interested in things something intended to enhance wellness such as organic cosmetics. 
  • who are interested in both beauty and wellness. 
  • who would like to balance the whole body and strengthen the natural healing power.
  • who would like to maintain the emotional balance
  • who would like to maintain the endocrine balance
  • who would like to improve behavior based on the theory of five elements. 

<How the session proceeds>


1. Counseling to decide your goal of your session from the view point of five elements. 

  • Select one affirmation in relation to the selected element.
  • Select  Aura-soma® pomander and quientessence to be used at the beginning/end of the session. 


2.  Breathing work with the preselected affirmation

  • Visualization of the pre-selected affirmation followed by Yogic deep breathing work

3.  Remove make-up and cleansing the face


4. Stimulating neuro-vascular points on the face

  • Neuro-vascular points are mostly located on the meridians impacting neuro-transmission and blood flow. 

5. Deep cleansing and stimulating the reflex zones originating from the South American native Indians' zone map

  • Apply face cream from Neal's Yard with clay mixed on the face for deep cleansing.

6. Enriching the skin and stimulating the reflex zones originating from Vietnamese zone map

  • Apply face cream from Neal's Yard with salt mixed on the face for enriching the skin.

7. Moisturizing the face with steamed towel and hand treatment

  • Apply lotus cream from PHI Essences for hand treatment. 

8. Stimulating the facial muscles

  • Apply rose oil from Neal's Yard and stimulate the facial muscles with stones for lift-up.
  • As emotion is deeply buried in the muscles, stimulating the facial muscles has an effect of removing unresolved emotions. 

9. Stimulating neuro-vascular points and meridians on the face

  • Re-stimulating neuro-vascular points with a wooden stick. 
  • Activating the energy flow by stimulating the meridians with a brush. 

10. Plexus balancing

  • Stimulating the plexus balancing the points to balance the endocrine system and putting the emotional balance in order. 

11. Esthetic facial treatment

  • Finishing the treatment with an esthetic technique. 

12. Play tuning forks for the pre-selected element.


13.  Performing integrated movements for the pre-selected element. 




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