Craniosacral therapy @Tokyo

Recommended for those who wish to know what you are and what your soul (true self) wishes and then would like to move forward.

Balance the flow between the cranium and the sacrum will help you go with the flow and express yourself


In order to go to a new direction, it is important to firstly release the attached past memories and then bring in a new flow. In our craniosacral therapy, we will work on the following areas using Aura-Soma® products (pomanders & quintessences).


Sacrum:Past trauma and frozen emotion are often locked her. 


Cranial nerves:There are 12 cranial nerves essential to our life such as vestibular nerve to be centered in the midst of a change, Optic nerve to perceive the reality, and Trigeminal nerve to digest the reality. Tension caused by trauma affects the function of cranial nerves, which results in how we perceive the reality. 


Cerebrospinal fluid (between the cranium and the sacrum): It is important to make its flow smooth in order for the brain to function well, leading to a change in your action, reality, and life.


Enjoy the tranquil deep relaxation time by aroma and a gentle touch. 


Please note that consultation based on the selected Aura-Soma® bottles are no longer offered here. 

Feachers of Craniosacral therapy by Cosmic Sole Tokyo

  • Aim at moving forward in life:The aim of the session is to have you positively move forward as well as relaxation. So there is a 30-minute counselling time for you to reflect on your goal, whether and how you want to move, by selecting your affirmation.
  • Use of Aura-Soma®Products (pomanders&quintessences):Aroma will appeal to your senses.

How the session proceed


1) Start with 30-minute counselling for you to tell us about the physical/ mental/ emotional condition. You will be asked to reflect on the state of the mind and your goal using five-elements methods and colors.


2) Select pomanders and quintessence based on the Aura-Soma bottles corresponding to the cranial nerve which you have chosen to focus on during the treatment. 



3) After opening with quintessences and releasing tension at some body parts, ankles, sacrum, cranium, chest, and solar plexus will be touched with selected pomanders and quintessences in sequence for about 50 minutes. 

What is Craniosacral therapy?

(From the notes of Aura-Soma Craniosacral Touch course by Maria Darbellay)

According to the theory of craniosacral therapy founded by William Sutherland, it is said 'Health is a principle, not a state of mind, it is never lost'. This comes from the premise that every physical system has its own 'indwelling healing plan'. 


Mr. Sutherland called this inner intelligence as 'Breath of Life' which he found was expressed through the rhythmic pulsation of the cerebrospinal fluid.


On the other hand, Dr. Randolph Stone, a founder of Polarity therapy, described the cerebrospinal fluid as the carrier substance of 'soul energy', namely, 'blueprint'. 


Craniosacral therapy assumes that within our body, there is another much finer and vitally important breathing system at work alongside physiological breathing. This respiration, compared to the ebb and flow of the tides, initiates a rhythmic expansion and contraction of all our physical structures. 


There are different levels of awareness which correspond to the flowing rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid. We usually live a life with the normal rhythm listed in the first bullet point below. Through the therapist's touch and expanded field of perception, there would be a change in inner awareness in the client.  

  • Normal rhythm: 8-14 cycles/minute (1 cycle consists of 4-10 seconds): Pain or disease exists in this phase.
  • Mid-Tide: 2.5 cycles/minute(1 cycle consists of 24 seconds): Mind is calm and access to the health of the client. 
  • Long-Tide: 100 seconds per cycle: Awareness expanded and access to the inner plan of healing.  

The aim of the session is to slow down the pace and to activate the inner wisdom each of you possesses, so that it could attract an appropriate flow of life to you. 




2024年7月より休業しており、秋に再開予定です。The service is temporarily unavailable from July 2024, but enquiries are accepted.