Special sessions for Balancing the Five elements @Tokyo

This is a series of special sessions for balaning the Five elements featured by Cosmic Sole Tokyo! Goals are to expand your awareness and take your action. 


The five elements theory is based on the ancient Chinese idea that all matters are categorized by five elements each of which is connected to an element of nature i.e., Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. In each element, polarities of Yin and Yang exist, and it is important to balance the polarities, especially in our bodies. There exist many different modalities of natural therapies originated in the five elements theory.


The simple description of five element theory is given by the table below. These unique sessions created by Cosmic Sole Tokyo are sorted by each element and designed using various modalities being learnt so far in order to maximize the benefit of balancing each element in yourself.


At the moment, two types of sessions focusing on Earth and Metal element have been released and other types of sessions will follow.  

<Five elements and corresponding seasons and meridians>

Element Season Meridian Name of Special session for balancing the element (Details found under the link)
Wood Spring Liver/Gall bladder  
Fire Summer Heart/Small intestine, Pericardium/Triple warmer  

Late summer

Seasons in between

Stomach/Spleen Strengthening Your Stomach meridian for Grounding & Centering
Metal Autumn Lung/Large intestine Balancing Metal element to go with the flow proactively



For all five elements and meridians

Five elements facial treatment


  • Duration: 30 minutes for counselling and 60 minutes for treatment
  • Fee: 22,000 yen(tax included)

<Special Note>

  • The services that Cosmic Sole Tokyo offer are not for diagnosis or treatment purposes. Please agree that you book the session with your own responsibility.

  •  Please kindly refrain from receiving sessions...

    - if you have scars or infections on the feet

    - if you suffer from thrombosis, or cardio-vascular or renal disorders. 

    - if have a cold or fever. 

  • This is a profound session with various kinds of techniques of natural therapies incorporated. There is a possibility that you may experience healing reaction listed below afterwards. It is recommended that you take a good rest on the day you have received a treatment.          

          - changes in urination

          - changes in defecation
          - changes in appetite
          - changes in skin condition
          - cold-like symptoms
          - changes in mental / emotional condition
          - tiredness