Strengthening Your Stomach meridian for Grounding & Centering @Tokyo

This is a special session focusing on the element of Earth and Stomach meridian featured by Cosmic Sole Tokyo in order for you to expand your awareness and take action. 



The element of Earth is positioned at the center of five elements surrounded by four other elements on north, south, west, and east. It means that Earth is a key element in that it nurtures and energizes us by digestion and metabolism in order to live. 


Stomach meridian belongs to Earth element and it is also important in maintaining our emotional balance; its unbalanced state would affect not only our energy balance but also also our emotional balance. 


It is also essential in order for us to be grounded and centered; we need to be stabilized both physically and mentally in order to move forward when our life is chaotic. 


Stomach meridian runs from the eye to the tips of the toes, connecting main organs on the meridian. If there is any disorder in the eyes, the tooth, the chest, the digestive tracts, or the feet, it may be caused by a unbalance in the stomach meridian. 


In this special session, many different techniques from various modalities learnt are included to balance the Stomach meridian and in this sense, it is very unique.  


The session starts from working on the face. At the very beginning of the session, the eyes are treated so that it stimulates the sensory organs and makes you feel where and for what you would like to move on. 


Then the treatment is focused on the teeth, representing the emotional state and decision-making.


A time to make connection with your deep self is given when working on the chest and abdomen.


Finally, the feet are treated so that it supports you to move forward and take action. 

This session is recommended during a phase of the Earth element (late summer and transitional time between seasons), especially rainy season in Japan when it is highly humid. The Stomach meridian tends to be unbalanced in humidity.


It is also recommended for those who have the following issues. 


(Physical condition)

  • Disorders in the digestive organs, the teeth, the eyes, or the hormornal balance.
  • Tendency to eat a lot (especially sweets or take something containing caffein)
  • Tendency to get easily tired.
  • Tendency to get unbalanced (such as week sense of equilibrium or motion sickness)
  • Tendency to have worse condition in transitional time between seasons or in humid time. 
  • Tendency to take time to get started in the morning (The Earth element is related to the morning time from 7 to 11.)

(Emotional condition)

  • Tendency to have mood swings
  • Tendency to have mental dominance (over feeling)
  • Tendency to be affected by others' emotion
  • Tendency to be dependent on something


  • Difficulty in make decision or take action of something you want to do
  • Having experienced lots of ups and downs of life
  • Hoping to make a fundamental change in life
  • Difficulty in asserting yourself or having your inner authority
  • Easy to take in (of knowledge or belongings), but difficult to let go

<How the session proceeds>


Following A to G stands for the name of therapies or modalities refered to or adopted to this session. 


 A: LaStone therapy/facial/Balancing the Waterfall

 B: Aura-Soma®/Craniosacral therapy

 C: Brain Gym®/Creative Vision/Vision Circle

 D: Facial Reflexology, Cosmo Eye, Reflexology for Tooth by Lone Sorensen

 E: Manual Lymphatic Drainage

 F: Touch for Health

 G: Kinesiology/Applied physiology (AP)/Human Blueprint


1. Counseling to decide your goal of your session in light of the Earth element/ Stomach meridian. 

  • Select one affirmation in relation to the Earth element.
  • Select which cranial nerve to be worked with craniosacral therapy for eyes using 4 sets of Aura-soma® bottles.
  • Select stones to be used for eye treatment.

2. Cleanse the foot.


3. Remove make-up on the eyes and put stomes around the eyes (A).


4. Touch the specific points for the selected cranial nerve (B).


5. Eye treatment

  • Brain Gym exercises for the eye movement (C)
  • Tapping around the eyes with cotton buds (D).
  • Stimulate the points around the eyes after applying eye creams (D). 
  • Stretch musles above the eyebrows and under the eyes (C).
  • Lymphatic drainage around the eyes (E)

6. Reflexology for Tooth

  • Touch the points for stomach meridian (F). 
  • Touch the points for stomach meridian after doing plexus balancing on the face (D). 

7. Treatment on the neck and collarbone

  • Touch the points for the accessory nerve for the neck (B). 
  • Lymphatic drainage around the neck (E)

8. Affirmation focusing on the chest and the abdomen

  • Say the affirmation, doing Brain Gym® exercises (C).

9. Foot treatment

  • Stimulate the stomach meridian (C, F).
  • Stimulate the reflex zones for the eyes (D).
  • Put stones between the toes after stimulating the reflex zones for the tooth (A, D). 
  • Stimulate the reflex zones for the Earth element (D). 
  • Touch the points for the Earth element after doing the plexus balancing on the foot (D).
  • Touch the points for the Earth element in relation to Human Blueprint (G). 

10. Play tuning forks for the Earth element (G). 


11. Perform integrated movements of the Stomach meridian (C).