My vision as a Metamorphic Technique® practitioner

I am currently working for a company as a temporary employee. I have always thought that if I wanted a more stable life, I should look for a permanent job.


On the other hand, I feel I should never abandon what I have been doing in search for natural therapies. 


At first I started to learn these therapies just because I liked getting massages, but now I have a much bigger vision.


In order to realize this vision, I recently applied to a crowdfunding that supports people to launch a new business project, but I did not pass the first screening.


The result was not unexpected as what I am aiming at is not something clear to be understood, difficult to be widely accepted in the public.


But I am not fully giving up my vision and I am expressing my vision here so that I can keep this thought alive.


The following is a description of the project I submitted for the first screening. I hope to make this happen in another way in the not too far distant future.



[Project Objective]


To issue gift tickets for prenatal and postpartum women to receive a session called Metamorphic Technique®, wishing their children to live a full life.


Supporters are expected to be family or friends of the women who are about to give birth or are raising children.


As a return of supporting the project, supporters will receive an online or in-person session. 



[What is Metamorphic Technique®?]


Originated in the United Kingdom about 40 years ago, it is a technique of doing a gentle touch on the specific areas of the feet, hands, and head.


The initial idea was brought from foot reflexology, but a significant difference is that only the spinal reflexes are touched without an intention to alleviate any kind of discomfort.


The primary purpose is to break down and transform patterns based on the belief that prenatal patterns, which are formed through experiences from conception to birth, are embedded in these reflex zones and become the basis for their life patterns repeated later in life.


Metamorphic means metamorphosis, as in butterflies.


For example, a typical pattern is thought to be the tendency to be hesitant to act if one has experienced difficult birth due to dystocia or other reasons.


Although this has not been scientifically proven, it is very possible that the accumulation of experiences during the period of rapid cranial nerve development while in utero may have an influence on the formation of personality and temperament.


In fact, since the primitive reflexes of the brain, which can be the basis of developmental disorders when appearing later in life, first appear during a limited period of time before birth or after birth, I believe that touching the spinal reflexes may be working on the nerves.


The technique is so simple that it can be performed from mother to child.


The Association of Metamorphic Technique® is an educational charitable trust in the United Kingdom and has a history of giving sessions to children. This is still performed as part of charitable activities in the country.



[Why are women before and after childbirth targeted?]


Although the purpose of the project is to support children, I would like to offer sessions to women before and after childbirth for the following reasons.


(1) Prenatal and postpartum women are prone to physical/mental/ emotional imbalances and need time to relax themselves.


The fact that it is difficult for these women to take time for themselves has become the reason for the idea of giving a gift session. It is also important for babies to be relaxed as well as their mother. 


(2) Before and after childbirth, women's own patterns tend to be triggered due to hormonal balance and environmental changes.


I believe that it will not only help these women to be relaxed by having a Metamorphic Technique® session, but will also be useful for their own life paths.


(3) The ultimate goal is to give a Metamorphic Technique® session to the baby, but this is not necessarily given by the practitioner.


After giving a session to the women, the practitioner can introduce them how to give a session to the child in their own timing.


[My vision]


This project is more than just giving a baby massage; its purpose is to help children live a happy life.


Many children are currently facing problems such as not attending school and it is not easy to find a solution. This project has been created with a hope to support children from the very early time of their lives.