Cosmic Sole @home ~having your own therapist~

A suggestion for you to have a personal therapist at home. 


Do you have your own therapist who understands you very well?


In this time requiring 'social distance', visiting a therapist for having some treatment would be a challenge for you especially if it is the first time to visit the therapist. 


I have my own therapists all of whom are very nice to me and every time I see them, I feel energized afterwards.


My wish is to be your therapist if you like. Everyone's need is different and it is important for you to find with whom you can feel comfortable. 


Before the outbreak of COVID 19, I have kept travelling to learn therapies, and in this process, I have met lots of wonderful people with whom miracles happened to treasure bonds.


Through others we meet ourselves. They found my strengths and values which otherwise might have been overlooked.


I know you have been doing your best, but even so, sometimes life may seem difficult for some reason which we really don't know. 


Family or friends may help you, but in such an instance, it would be also a good idea to meet someone else you don't know to find breakthrough beyond your confortable zone.


Therapists will see you with keeping an appropriate distance, which will ensure your necessary space where you can go deep within.


Type of conversation would be different between therapists and you from what is familiar to you- here, you can be more open and sincere if you find therapists well-suited to you.  


I have just started to work as a practitioner.


In the first place, I am visiting someone who happen to find me to give a trial session of Metamorphic Technique.


My method is based on energy body work, not a direct physical approach, which may not be everyone's taste.


I will do my best to be with you from a standpoint of practitioner. I believe my theme of transformation & empowerment is not something special or drastic, but a necessary tool for everyone who wants to live in your own way. 


I look forward to hearing from you. I am happy to share my story in order for you to see if I can be of any help to you. 




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