My dream to have a beautiful relaxation salon in Tokyo

On Aug 22, I finally moved in to a flat in Tokyo to practice reflexology and other modalities. It was not easy to find a place where practicing therapy was allowed and it took a long time to pass the tenant screening. Regardless of these difficulties I got over, just a few days after the day, I unexpectedly decided to cancel the renting contract and left there straightaway. As this was a sudden notice of cancellation, I had to pay a considerable amount of penalty, but even so, I have been feeling relieved since I made this decision. 


The main reason to leave was noise. As this flat was located in the center of Tokyo and very close to a subway station, it offered the best accessibility, but the noise mainly caused by the Tokyo expressway passing near the flat was huge and actually I had overlooked the severity of this issue at the time of application. For the first time I was staying there by myself in silence, I strongly felt how much stressor I was being exposed to, which was really shocking to know. It was hard to concentrate due to an incessant noise, and I found myself extremely exhausted when I went home and appreciated how quiet my home was. My dog started to bark at night or some poor physical conditions were suddenly found on him, which I believed was affected by my unusual stress. There are plenty of people who decide to live in such a location in Tokyo for many reasons, and they may not be worried about it as much as I do, but because of my sensitive nature, I conclude that harmful effect resulting from being exposed to continuous noise is immeasurable.  

It was unable to fully open windows, nor to air the room. How can we take a deep good breath in such an environment?


Now I am searching a new flat located in a quiet place in Tokyo, but it is again difficult. The reason is that flat owners are not willing to lease their flats to therapists, which would let many, unspecified, and possibly unhealthy people in their property. There also seems to be a prejudice towards therapy itself as the status of therapists is not as established as in other countries where people choose to have their own therapist for their health since official qualifications are not required to practice in Japan and there is no real boundary between 'sound' therapy and 'unsound' one. The more quiet flat I desire, the more difficult it would be as the owners would like to avoid a possibility to disturb other residents. And it makes sense given this situation we are in. 


The reality is that many therapists conceal that they are actually renting a flat for practicing therapies and it would be possible unless it is revealed by accident. 


I have learnt therapies in many different countries and I am sure the therapies would help people not only who are sick and need professional help, but also would benefit anybody who wishes to live a happier life by providing a private and safe space where they are simply allowed to be as they are. 


If you read this and are happy to support me in any way, please wish me to get connected to someone who understands the importance of receiving therapies and more importantly who wishes to have a session with me in Tokyo. I truly hope someone in Tokyo will lease the property, help me find somewhere cozy, or introduce someone who is willing to lease in order for me to practice in Tokyo.