Any volunteers to offer me a workspace for doing Aura-Soma in Tokyo?

I am an Aura-Soma practitioner based in Tokyo and would like to practise as an Aura-Soma practitioner and a therapist.


I am waiting for someone who are happy to collaborate with me by providing a workspace for me.


I have been doing Aura-Soma since 2004. Aura-Soma was born in England and is a self selected colour care system.


People are encouraged to select four colour bottles out of more than 110 bottles and to use one or a few of them to apply on the body.


At that time, I didn't know why I liked Aura-Soma so much.


People doing Aura-Soma were very spiritual and psychic while I was not such type of person, just working as an office worker.


So I just enjoyed it for myself and never commited myself to practise it to the public. 


Later on, I started to learn about various kinds of therapies, such as reflexology or massage, and then as a natural result, I was attracted to teachers who were teaching such therapies from the view point of Aura-Soma.


Aura-Soma deals with emotion and subconsciousness and I strongly symphasized with their ideas of a correlation between physical issues and these things in the background.


Having said that, at the same time, they emphasized as an Aura-Soma teacher that Aura-Soma was not a therapy to recommend something to people for healing.


It is non-intrusive and people should select something, whether it is color or product, for themselves.


I like this idea as healing someone is not a thing I wanted to do as a practitioner.


Each one of us have responsibility for ourselves and we have to take an initiative.


When we have our own will to transform ourselves and choose something, whether it is Aura-Soma or any therapy, it will give ourselves a strong power to move forward. 


When I deeply understood of the beauty and essence of Aura-Soma, I finally decided to start learning Aura-Soma from the beginning to be a practitioner again in 2019.


And it is this April in 2020 that I have registered myself as an Aura-Soma practitioner. 


My wish is to open a salon and practise as a practitioner. However, it is a risk-taking to do this in the time of covid-19.


Many people shift their working style as online or remote, but I need to display a set of Aura-Soma bottles so a dedicated space for the bottles is a must. 


So I am writing now to raise any volunteers who are kindly willing to offer a space to me in Tokyo, whether it is your personal or public place. You could collaborate with me as a business or a private attempt. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I believe working as a practitioner is my mission of purpose and I am hoping to make it happen now with a help of someone who understands my will and wish. 


I'm sure my works using Aura-Soma will help people find their own mission of purpose to be realized on this planet.


They may first come to me when they are suffering something in their life, but suffering, whether it is physical, mental, or emotinal, is just an alert for themselves to get to know their true wish. 


We can be much happier if we know our own wish and live up to it and I would like to be of help as a practioner.