Metamorphic Technique®

This is to work on the spinal reflexes on the feet, hand, and head using a light touch, to give you an opportunity to be detached from the pattern we have had since we were incarnated. There is no intention to direct your life in any way or address any symptoms you may suffer. We believe that each of you already have the potential to get over any challenges by transforming yourself in the best way and to this end practitioner try to be a catalyst in a detached presence to have your potential come out and evolve like an acorn growing into an oak, or a caterpillar into a butterfly in the end. We cannot predict what will happen to you after a session, but it would be good to have a tranquil time to go deeply inside you and to feel a simple but delicate sensation this technique may bring you.

It would also be good for expectant mothers or mothers with a newborn baby to have a session for the baby since spinal reflexes correspond to the time from the time of incarnation and the birth time.  


My journey with Metamorphic Technique® started in 2017 when I asked some teacher to arrange an one-day workshop just for myself when I had an opportunity to travel to London since there was no qualified teacher of Metamorphic Technique® in Japan. A few years before then, I ordered a DVD in which Gaston St Pierre, a founder of this Technique, introduced its brief overview and how to do it for beginners. I was fascinated with this Technique but thought it would be impossible for me to attend a weekend class from Japan. Having reviewed what I learnt at an Applied Physiology (one of the modalities of kinesiology) class, I suddenly hit upon an idea that maybe the idea behind this modality and Metamorphic Technique® would be similar in that both of them would focus on the pattern the brain once acquired and that has pulled the strings of our behaviors from the subconscious. But at the same time, I re-acknowledged the unique approach of Metamorphic Technique® that never unravels the root cause of this pattern, i.e., when and why the pattern started, since this often causes pain to clients. In a session of Metamorphic Technique®, you just need to stay calm and enjoy a tranquil time as you wish. 


What happened to me after attending an one-day workshop in London, was not only that I decided to learn more about this by attending an official workshop, but also that I suddenly felt like flying to Australia to attend a final course to be a Brain Gym instructor which was scheduled to be held only in a month. I never thought of this idea before then, and so had to complete all necessary assignments in order to attend the course as well as to arrange a trip to Australia. To me completing something could be a challenge, and in retrospect, it was amazing for me to decide and do all necessary things for just a short time. And yes, the experience in Australia later became a breakthrough for me.


Transformation not only brings fun or something pleasant, and you may possibly encounter an event which looks in the form of 'regression'. Practitioners don't offer a session with an aim of bringing anything specific, but please be assured that things would happen so as to be on track of your life just as your soul wishes and all you need to do is to accept what is happening with an attitude of detachment. 


I have given and received many sessions so far. In order to receive the necessary number of sessions to be a practitioner, I visited many practitioners wherever I found them during my trip in England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Australia, and Italy, all of whom gave me precious insight about what is transformation and detachment. 


I don't mean to say that Metamorphic Technique® would bring you something dramatic, but receiving one session could be a fundamental experience to you whatever it may be. You may not find any correlation between the session and events you would encounter, but may find some idea about it in retrospect. 

Metamorphic Technique® :